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Re: Milo Recreation Director

August 11, 2010 - TRC - By forum post by Phil Woodard

There's no doubt Mr. Martin can and will run a successful program. He is doing exactly what needs to be done at the youth level; instilling confidence and building a sense of pride. These are traits children especially need to learn and act with at a young age. Not to mention all the opportunities he is providing to locals through a variety of other recreation programs.

There have been and always will be folks that can't be happy with anything and are, sadly, willing to pass this on to their children as well as anyone else that will listen.

Mr. Martin has a difficult job balancing activities, budgets and staffing as many don't understand what type of patience it takes to get a recreation program of any type up and running. I, for one, believe Dicky knows what he is doing and would support him.

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