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Re: Our Recreation Director

August 10, 2010 - TRC - By Forum post by Jude

I cast my vote with Chief Williams & Izzy in the area of Dick Martin comments.

The man is amazing, like the energizer bunny. He is everywhere,doing everything. The Rec Department is growing & improving day by day & not just for the sports minded. There seems to be something for just about everybody.

Dick is doing a grand job. If he was doing it for the "glory" (which he isn't.) he wouldn't be around for long. It is human nature for some to find fault with just about everything. My guess is that Dick has been around these parts for awhile. He knows the town & it's people quite well. My guess is that his shoulders are broad enough that he can take the hits & keep on doing the fine job he has been hired to do. He knows now that he has a least three people in his fan club!

Rock On, Dick

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