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Take a Walk in my Shoes

February 09, 2006 - TRC

Womancare Aegis "Shoes" display in the window of Attorney Neil Hamlin on Elm Street in Milo.Contributed photo
Womancare, a community based organization working to end domestic violence in Piscataquis County, is showcasing a campaign called “Take a Walk In My Shoes” with a window display in Attorney Hamlin’s window on Elm Street in Milo through the end of February.

The display features 372 pairs of shoes representing victims who have been served by Womancare from September 2004 until October 2005. Each pair of shoes tells a very distinct story about the person who wore them. Some victims even donated their own shoes as a way of ridding themselves of the painful memories of abuse.

Domestic violence is an epidemic that plagues all communities. One in three Americans has experienced some form of domestic abuse. Many victims are not able to report and must remain silent about the abuse endured at home.

What can we do? We can listen to victims, we can celebrate their healing, and we can believe their stories of torture and fear. Take a moment to read the actual stories displayed with the shoes and listen to the silent voices of the victims.

Womancare staffs a 24-hour helpline (1-888-564-8165). Call if you need someone to listen or you know of someone who needs help.

Brenda Fraser
Community Relations Coordinator

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.