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Party Smarter: Plan - Prepare - Pace

December 30, 2009 - TRC - By Shannon Bishop, Community Partnership Specialist

Are you getting the most out of your nights out ? Sometimes drinking too much can get in the way of having fun. Everybody knows not to drink and drive – but there is more you might want to know to help you Party Smarter. Don’t miss the night and the fun – take some simple steps to “party smarter” whether you’re out at bars, clubs, restaurants, or at a friends’ home or in your home.

Plan - Where are you going ? Who are you going with ? How are you getting home ?

Prepare - Eat, drink water, and make sure you take just enough money to have a good time. Leave the credit cards at home !

Pace – Limit how much you drink in a night.

Why Should You Care ?

Well, in addition to having to suffer through a hangover, having no money, cleaning up vomit, repairing friendships or much worse – sometimes the amount you drink can be a signal that you may have a problem with alcohol.

Does Size Matter ?

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, the size and amount of alcohol varies widely. And if you’ve decided that you are only going to drink a certain number of drinks in an evening, you should know what “one drink” means. One beer can is generally 5% alcohol – so one “drink” would be one 12 ounce beer. One shot of liquor – 1.5 oz – is equal to one drink. One mixed drink, assuming it has just one shot of liquor, is also 1.5 oz of alcohol and is equal to one drink.

Where can I find more information ?

The following websites are great resources to learn more about the dangers overindulging, whether you or someone you know has a problem, and ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle.





The Piscataquis Public Health Council, located on the Mayo Regional Hospital campus at 883 West Main Street in Dover-Foxcroft also has resources on hand. Please contact Shannon Bishop, Community Partnership Specialist for more information at 564-4184.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.