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In Memory of Perl J. Morrison

December 10, 2009 - TRC

In Memory of Perl J. Morrison (4-15-1936 to 12-16-2006)

In the 3 years you have been gone we have overcome many stepping stones that you were always there to deal with along our sides.

The first year, being the hardest, we stumbled through each holiday, birthday, anniversary and special occasion without you. There was always that void in all of minds because you weren't sitting in your chair looking on or laughing or at least giving your opinion which could be good or bad !!

The next year we had yet another hurdle to get pass, Mom had her stroke, we could have really used you then. We wondered is every November and December going to be like this ??

And now in our third year, I think we have all grown a little, we have accepted the fact that you are gone and all we have are our precious memories of you.

We each have our personal time with you at the cemetery, its where we feel the closest to you. We love you and miss you.

Merry Christmas !

Debby and family
Penny and family
Tiny and family
Fran and family

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