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October 03, 2001 - MILO

October 3, 2001




Three Rivers Kiwanis meets each Wednesday morning at 6:30 at Angie’s Restaurant. Visitors are always welcome.

Three Rivers Community Alliance

Seth Barden, project director, has announced that he and Tom Witham have made the Three Rivers Kiwanis newsletter available on their web site at www.trcmaine.org. In addition, he says that the site has an updated business directory and an all-new format for the community calendar. Check it out. The newsletter staff appreciates this additional publication of the newsletter, which is also available on the Kiwanis website at www.threeriverskiwanis.com.


by Murrel Harris

The snack shack will be open October 8 at 2:00 p.m. for girls’ soccer vs. Lee and boys’ soccer vs. Dexter at 4:00 p.m.. October 8 is also Senior Day.

Rec. traveling soccer team plays in Millinocket this weekend.

Women’s volleyball league had teams chosen on Monday. League play starts Monday, October 8, at Milo Town Hall.


by Lois Trask, Secretary

Kiwanis installation of officers was held September 26 at the Lone Pine Restaurant in Brownville with 25 members and 24 guests present. President Chris Beres welcomed members and guests and Eben DeWitt led the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the invocation given by Maurice Neal of the Dexter Sunrise Kiwanis Club.

Master of Ceremonies David Walker introduced the head table: Debbie Walker; outgoing President Chris Beres and her husband, Joe Beres; Lt. Governor Howard Kesseli, John and Juanita Cushing, Brenda Kelley, and Dr. Harold Sherman, all from the Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis Club; Roger Taylor, Deanna Wade, Ken Laflamme, and Hugh Murphy, all from the Orono-Old Town Kiwanis Club; and Jackie and Reg McKenney and Maurice and Corinne Neal, all from the Dexter Sunrise Kiwanis Club. MC David Walker pointed out that John Cushing was key in the formation of Three Rivers Kiwanis, having worked with Past President Mark Robinson to persuade community members to become charter members, many of whom have continued their membership to this tenth anniversary of the club.

President-elect Todd Lyford introduced his parents, Doug and Marlene Lyford, of Dover, and all of the spouses present were introduced.

Following dinner, President Chris said that looking back over the year, she felt it was a great year and that she enjoyed being president; but that it was a great year not because of what she had done, but because of what the whole club had done. She gave thanks to all her officers, who enabled her year to run smoothly. She presented certificates to the following members:

Todd Lyford--Bike Rodeo, Variety Show, + others

Trish Hayes--Kiwanis Advisor to Key Club, Lock-in, + others

Lois Trask--secretary, painting scenery for the Variety Show, food wagon, Secret Santa, Town Hall pro- ject, auction, senior BBQ’s + others

Jeff Gahagan--treasurer for ten years, chief of the food wagon, Variety Show, auction, Board of Directors

Sandra Gray--Variety Show, food wagon, + others

Murrel Harris--auction, Secret Santa, + others

Sherri Conley--Variety Show, food wagon, + others

Fred Trask--auction chairman, Variety Show, Secret

Santa, senior BBQ’s, Town Hall proj., food wagon, + others

Kim French--co-chair for Secret Santa, senior BBQ, auction

David Walker--master of ceremonies, auctioneer, Key Club

Bill Sawtell--newsletter, Terrific Kids, auction

Lorraine Schinck-- auction, increasing membership, senior BBQ’s

Stephanie Salley--auction, variety show scenery, BBQ’s

Eben DeWitt--interclubs, meeting preparations, speaker assignment chair, inductions, auction

Sylvia Black--Community Service Chair, food wagon, Terrific Kids

President Chris then recognized all the new members who have taken a very active role in our club:

Frank Cochrane--a rookie member who has contributed to the administrative fund with can redemption money and has helped with the food wagon

Tom Bell--senior BBQ’s, auction

Janet Richards--Bike Rodeo, auction, Town Hall project, Variety Show

Nancy Grant--Town Hall Project, food wagon

Val Robertson--senior BBQ’s, food wagon

Ethelyn Treworgy, RIF project, Town Hall project, food wagon, supper, co-chair of Variety Show, Key Club, auction

Aline Blanchard--music at senior BBQ’s, Terrific kids, food wagon

Joe Beres--chef at senior BBQ’s, Town Hall project auction

Several spouses of members were also recognized for their participation in our many projects:

Debbie Walker, Peter Conley, and Jerry Salley

Lt. Gov. Howard Kesseli presented the past president’s pin to outgoing president Chris Beres, and the past secretary’s pin to outgoing secretary Lois Trask. He then conducted the installation of new officers for the year 2001-2002:

President--Todd Lyford

President-elect--Trish Hayes

Vice-president--Ed Treworgy (not able to be present)

Treasurer--Jeff Gahagan

Directors for 2001-2004--Bill Sawtell and Murrel Harris

Lt. Gov. Kesseli announced that the New England District has decided to leave Divisions 2 and 3 as they are with no changes in number of divisions or in area. Consequently, he hopes that a candidate from either Three Rivers or from Orono-Old Town can be found to run for Lt. Governor for 2002-2003. A candidate is needed before the caucus on November 9.

At the summer conference in Hyannis, Massachusetts, Governor Steve Hill was installed. His theme for the year is “Commit to excellence.” Howard feels that increasing membership does not need to be the main goal; that if the club operates well, has good programs, good community service projects, and good public relations, that we will have potential members seeking us out.

The program ended with MC David Walker presenting a gift from the club to outgoing President Chris Beres, after which she passed the gavel to the new president, Todd Lyford. Todd presented Lt. Gov. Kesseli with a gift for conducting the installation. President Todd agreed with Howard’s comments about the good operation of a club and said that our club has accomplished just that, adding that his hope for his tenure is that the club will continue to do as well.


by Trish Hayes, Advisor

The Key Club officers and advisor went to Greenville Sunday, September 30, for the Lt. Governor’s training session. The Key Clubbers hope to hold a car wash October 6 at the Milo Fire Department yard to raise funds for the families of the firefighters lost in the tragedy of September 11. The Key Club will also be participating in the walk that Mrs. Weston’s fifth grade is sponsoring October 4 in Brownville Jct. for the same benefit. The supporters will gather at the American Legion in Brownville Jct. at 6:00 p.m. and walk a special trail leading back to the Legion building, where donations will be accepted and refreshments served.


How well do you read? Not books, but faces-- children’s faces. The faces of children tell us adults how we are doing as a community raising children. Notice those faces on the street, in stores, and especially in the halls at school, where children are at their most vulnerable. How many look happy? troubled? angry? sad? abused? afraid? unemotional? bottled up? ready to explode?

How do you react when you read about children in trouble with the law? Do you sputter about “the way this generation seems to be so destructive“? Do you say, “ Why are those kids out on the street every night”?

Do you complain that “kids don’t show respect for adults the way they should”?

Do you ever see their faces in your mind and think how you can help change their expressions from sad to happy? from troubled to calm? from angry to peaceful? from afraid to unafraid?

Children are more than statistics given us by the State Board of Education; they are more than the negative stereotyping we get from reading about juveniles in the correctional system; and they are very much more than the makers of noise late at night.

We need to reflect on all the difficult things we faced when we were growing up and try to remember all the looks we had on our faces when we were children. Then we need to think about how much more complicated and dangerous life is for children now, and how much more vulnerable they must feel.

Faces. Children’s faces. How lovely they are no matter what their features look like. But they need us to help them be happy, and adjusted, and unafraid to face life. We cannot ignore them, for they will replace us when we are gone. Show your love for children. Be sensitive to what they are feeling. Look at their faces.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.