Ken Hatchette Publishes First Novel

Kenneth Hatchette’s first attempt at a novel loosely based on his memories (and those of his friends) of Brownville Junction can be enjoyed in his new book The Great Chase available on Here is the write up you will find on Amazon about the new book: "During the post-WWII era of the 1950’s and 60’s, something is happening in America that affects everyone. It is compelling, exciting, and contagious. Three key elements define the period. They are, Kids, Cars, and Rock-n-Roll. Throw in the discovery of the first Phone Booth Time Machine ever into the mix, and things get interesting. The story this book contains is a virtual encyclopedia of events describing how Smallville, U.S.A. kids grew up during an era of ever-changing social norms driven by never-ending leapfrogging technological advancements and adapting to their new, awe-inspiring lifestyles. Embedded in the book are neat stories of high school, first cars, first jobs, and new experiences. A tale about neighborhood dogs getting payback from unwitting perpetrators for reasons unknown is hilarious.The stable and prevailing element that mattered most in Smallville is the appointment of the Town's Constable. Sustaining a calm and gracious nature, he keeps the citizens of Smallville safe and at ease through several generations without exhibiting the frailties of overreach, excessive force, ineptitude, intimidation or hypocrisy even when provoked by the kids who live here. The buried diamond cross makes a cameo appearance, and one of the cars showcased in this book may be possessed. “Pssst, I am not possessed, a screw or two loose maybe, but not possessed.” If you like gearhead car builds, American Graffiti, Dr. Who and Happy Days, you might like this book.”