Sunday search planned for missing Medford woman

BANGOR - There is a mystery around the disappearance of 71-year-old Medford resident Diana Estey, who disappeared without a trace two years ago.

She was reported missing on Nov. 4, 2016, and since then nothing has surfaced leaving her family to wonder if they'll ever get answers.

“The car was there. Everything was there. It's like she walked out the door and poof,” her younger brother, Paul Estey, said Thursday standing in his Bangor livingroom. “We just can't can't find a trace of her.”

His sister's lights and TV were left on, the door to her home was unlocked, and her purse and keys were found inside.

Several searches - some with hundreds of people on foot, ATV or horseback - have taken place near her home on the Medford Center Road over the last two years, and another one is scheduled for this coming Sunday.

“The state police suspect some foul play and I do myself after all this,” Paul Estey said. “I mean that it's something you basically think about every day. So you've got a lot of time to think about what might of happened and I don't think she left the house by herself. I don't think she just wandered out. I think she was helped out.”

Her family is looking for the public's help. They are asking hunters and camp owners to keep an eye out for any sign of Estey, who is 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs 100 pounds and has gray hair and green eyes.

“Anything is possible and the best possible thing that could happen is we could find her,” her brother said.

Maine State Police are planning an announcement for Nov. 8, but currently, no details are being released.

“We'll have something to say next week,” said Stephen McCausland, Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman said Thursday.

After two years, “You want to know where she is. You may never know what happened," Paul Estey said. "But you can at least have a sense of ending, a sense of closure and that's what, that's what we're after.”