B-BJ Historical Society Holds Last Meeting of 2018

              The final meeting of 2018 was held at the museum with seven members and one guest attending. The treasurer’s report indicated that all bills are paid and that we have just over $3000 in the book account. Ken Hatchette’s books continue to be sold through Amazon, at Simple Sacks, at the new Visitors’ Center in Milo and through the museum. It was decided that when the bathroom renovation takes place next spring that funds from this account will be used to complete that project. 

            Our volunteers have been busy this summer. Documentation of each and every item in the museum continues. The Veterans’ display has been updated. We have cleaned out a number of drawers that have not been looked at in many years. We are keeping all items that relate to Brownville and can be identified as such and items that belong to some other community are being sent there whenever possible. We do have many, many photos that are so old that the people in them cannot be identified. More than likely those will be discarded next year.

            The scoreboard from the gym at BJHS is now at the museum. It’s not in good shape and we will spend some time this fall/winter deciding if it can be salvaged to be a reasonable display in the museum next year.

            It was decided to hold our 2019 meetings in the evening hoping that members who are not available during the day will be able to – and will – attend. Those dates will be: May 14, June 25, July 30 and September 17. Meetings will begin at 7pm.

            It would be wonderful if with increased interest in evenings and Saturdays, we could find several more volunteers who would work 2-3 times a summer to allow the museum to be open on Saturdays other than for Old Home Days and the BJHS Reunion.

            We have been in touch with the Brownville Elementary School to let them know we are available should students like to visit the museum and Lynn Weston has offered to set up a field trip to Katahdin Ironworks if there is interest. 

            We have had many visitors this year and much good work has been done. Several of our volunteers will continue to work on projects at home through the winter months.