Brownville Historical Society: Got any old photos?

From Ken Hatchette...

I'm thinking about a fire engine that the CPR gifted to the Village of Henderson back in the day.

The gift of a shiny new red custom built American La France pumper with an open cab and large spoked wheels with a compliment of neatly folded fire hose in its rear bay. This transaction would have occurred shortly after the front shed of the coal pocket caught fire and nearly caused a conflagration that would have burned its way to China. Well, that may be an exaggeration. However, it would have been a substantially large and smokey wiener roast. 

Does anyone have any photos of this wonderful old fire fighting apparatus that served the town so well? It is being memorialized in the history document that I promised. And while we're on the subject of old you are going about your spring cleaning or winter sorting or ridding your home of "clutter," please consider donating any old photos of Brownville or the Junction - particularly old railroad photos or photos of interest to the community at large - to the Historical Society. These are most useful to the Society if they are can be identified, especially photos of people. The Society would like to document any and all events, families, and businesses in the communities over the years but photos of people for whom no identification is possible will not be saved. You can contact the Society if you have items to donate by emailing: Thanks for helping us help the Historical Society document the history of Brownville and the surrounding unorganized territories.