LaGrange Town Office Page

It's no news that the internet is a great way to share information ! In our rural communities it can be a good resource for citizens who want to know who the municipal officers are, how to contact them, town office hours, and other things we don't think about every day...until we need to know.

On Tuesday, March 24, LaGrange joined Brownville in being a Three Rivers Community municipality with the capacity to update their own TRC Town Office page(s). Municipal staffers know updated information immediately and are always in the best position to keep towns' pages current.

Town Clerk, Ella Lyford, chose a time when services to citizens would not be infringed upon and in less than two hours had updated the pages with minimal guidance from TRC's Co-Director, Izzy. Working with Ella and others like her is always more fun than work and the result is a correct, complete Town Office page !

Any of the communities for whom we have Town Office pages are welcome to learn the simple process and take over the updating of their Town Office pages. To schedule a visit email:, leave us a message here on TRC or on Facebook.