Liona Speed celebrated her 99th birthday on April 5 !

Friends and family gathered April 5 in honor of Mrs. Liona Speed for the celebration of her ninety-ninth birthday !

Pictured with Liona (center) are daughters Cookie Bunker (left) and Lillian Mclean (right). Second row: great-great grandsons, Triston Green and Hunter McSorley, and great-grand daughter, Andrea Green. In the back is great-great grand daughter, Hailey Reeves.

Liona didn’t share the secret for her longevity in so many words, but her optimism and determination were clear when she said very matter-of-factually, “Next year I’ll be a hundred.”

Other pictures are her birthday cake from Elaine's Bakery; grand daughter, Janet McSorley, helping Liona cut her cake; and Liona with New Beginnings owner, Tammy Trask.