Milo Police Department

Good evening, Milo.

In our ever growing phone scam list, I was told of a new one that has been circulating around the area. People have been receiving calls from persons identifying themselves as IRS Agents. They will inform you that either they need your bank account and routing number to deposit your refund OR that you owe the government on your taxes. They will ask for bank information so they can just withdraw the money to save you the time.

These scammers tend to prey upon our older generation, who are more predisposed to being trusting and are more likely to give out this information.

No government agency, especially the IRS will contact you directly and ask for your personal information like bank account or Social Security Number.

Don't be fooled by the area code that displays on your screen. There are programs that can generate fake phone numbers and make it appear that the call is coming from places like Ohio and Washington DC.

It is that time of year when opportunists will try to use tax season as a means to get your money. Protect yourself by making sure you don't give out your personal information. No reputable business or government entity will ask you for it.