Milo Police Department

Good evening, Milo.

For those of you crazy, I mean motivated people heading to Black Friday events, I wanted to give some safety advice that I came across a while ago:

 - Park in a well lit area and remember where you parked.

 - Don't go it alone- bring a friend or spouse (sorry guys, you need to take one for the team)

 - Don't carry your pocketbook. Carry cash or credit cards in your FRONT pocket - not the rear pocket where you carry your cell

 - Don't carry too much at once- it will distract you and keep you from remaining focused on your surroundings.

 - Put your packages in your trunk and consider moving your vehicle before you go back in. Thieves will observe before they act.

 - Have your keys out - if you have a remote, hold that. The panic button acts as a great deterrent if you are confronted. Keys are also a great defensive weapon. - If you are confronted, give the merchandise up - no property is worth bodily injury. Get a description for the police.

I am sure there are other tips, but common sense is your best tool.

Be alert to your surroundings and take the steps to not be a victim.

Good luck finding those deals - I'll be shopping online.