Notes for Joe ~ Milo Selectmen’s Meeting, October 15

Present: Chair, Wilma Stanchfield; Lois Wagner; Jerry Brown; and Lee Mc Mannus

Selectmen’s Meeting minutes for October 8th meeting were approved.

Annual appeal letter received from Pine Tree Hospice for budget year 2014 and no action was taken.

Due to the significant expense of continuing to utilize the Derby Community Hall it was decided that the Town of Milo relinquish the rights to the building and as indicated on the deed ownership will revert to the B&A Railroad or Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railroad - whichever is appropriate.

Glenn Ricker, Public Works foreman, will be attending a workshop on October 31 to learn more about the bridge over Alder Brook which like others in other communities is identified as being a high scour risk.

Pike’s Paving will be working on several Milo streets in the near future: Mooers Road, Kimball Street, Harmon Street, Highland Avenue and Summer Street.

Kiwanis have increased their pledge to $10,000 to help fund Town Hall kitchen improvements. It was suggested that the current stove be sold to also help with funding the needed work.

Kenny Demers’ resignation from Budget and Safety Committees was reluctantly tentatively accepted.

Mike and Wendy Stewart stated their position regarding the sale of their Milo property (about a half acre lot of wetland) which fell through. They want the Town of Milo to buy the property and after considerable discussion including comments from Milo’s Code Enforcement Officer it was decided to take the matter under advisement and no action was taken.

The MDOT Safe Streets Agreement has been modified. Due to other grantees returning money to the funding source, that money is now available to communities like Milo who have met the terms of their grants. Total funds for the Safe Streets project has been increased to a total of approximately $852,000. The Town of Milo gratefully acknowledges the help we have received from the several people whose efforts have made our Safe Streets project bigger and better for us all.

Grants are closing in a timely fashion and the cash balance for the town is at an acceptable level to be fiscally sound.

The building and land at 192 Elm Street was donated to the Town of Milo and, along with possibly two others that are tax acquired, will soon be put out to bid.

Appointments to a newly formed Milo Transfer Station Committee are: Richard Mullins,Donald Banker and Tom Harrigan.

A school board vacancy remains and a potential member will be further sought and appointed as soon as possible.

The next Selectmen’s meeting is set for November 5 at 6:30 pm. in the Wingler Auditorium.

From the Town Manager’s report:

The funds of the grant for Milo Taxi and Delivery business owner, Michael Anderson, are being released.

New Beginnings owner, Tammy Trask, has begun the process for a grant for establishing an adult daycare in the space that is available at the Heritage Building on Main Street. The state department responsible has approved the adult day care by New Beginnings. There have been requests by several families for a place for a loved one at the proposed day care.

The Town Manager has been contacted by businesses who are potential new occupants for the business park. The completion of the entrance and the utilities being available are adding to the attractiveness of the park to an assortment of businesses. Milo’s Public Works crew can make the base for roadways in the park itself which will help make the Town of Milo eligible for additional grants for more park roads and development.

Bangor Hydro-Electric estimated that running the power lines to the park will cost about $23,000. The lights currently on Main Street that will be removed during the Safe Streets project can be installed in the park which will be a savings.

The Town Manager will again be the on-site overseer for the Safe Street project. It is required for a state trained person to be present during the project(s).

A large business with significant holdings in Maine is looking into buying some of the MMA railroad line, the Derby Shops, and the Brownville Jct. repair shops. One bank has been working on a financial package that will be especially helpful to entities wanting to locate in Milo’s business park.

So there, Nick Sambides, Jr., MILO IS NOT DYING !!!