Milo Theatre

The CHIC THEATER was built in 1913. The manager was P.P. Peakes (Paul P.)
By 1919 the theater was under the management of Arthur Inman, and by 1927, Lawrence Henderson. In 1932 it was under the management of Leslie McEachern (pronounced McKarren). Leslie's wife was Town Treasurer for 35 years. In 1933 the name of the theater changed to Milo Theater, with Elliot and Mills as managers. In 1934, Walter Mills was Manager. For quite some time and during World War II, the theater was managed by Ella Mills, whereas, Walter was in charge of the bowling alley, which was beneath the theater.Sometime in the fifties the theater was bought by Philip Bradeen. (The Maine Register does not list a manager at that time.) Soon, many of the movies became wide-screen. Milo outgrew the little theater and it was no longer profitable. By 1957, the theater had closed and the Drive-In on Elm Street came into being.

The front of the Milo Theatre was renovated and repaired in 1998 for the Milo's 175th Anniversary. The Milo Theatre, was destroyed by fire on Sunday, September 14, 2008.

Inside the theatre, filled to capacity

View of Milo Theatre up Main Street

Milo Theater, early 2000s