Atkinson, Maine

Atkinson is a small community located to the southwest of Milo. Atkinson is part of our community as it is a charter town of MSAD #41. They are more closesly tied to Dover-Foxcroft, the Shiretown of Piscataquis County.

Atkinson, Piscataquis County, Maine
Compiled from History of the Piscataquis County, by Amasa Loring, c1880

Atkinson, was originally referred to as #2, Sixth Range. Lots were first owned by Vaughan & Mereck, and valued at 25 cents an acre. Lots were sold from 1801 through 1808, Judge Atkinson and Oliver Crosby were the first buyers. When Judge Atkinson died his heir Asa Freeman continued as a proprietor of property lotted out by Andrew Strong in 1807.

Waterpower was not permanent, however, the Colcord brothers from Bangor arrived in 1807. Soon there was a saw & gristmill erected on Dead Stream which rises in the southwest and flows eastwardly into Orneville and continued to its outlet at Pushaw Pond. Also, on this stream was a sawmill with a shingle machine. In Orneville, annexed to Atkinson was a shingle mill.

Atkinson's first settler was Bylie Lyford, who arrived in 1802, cleared land, built a log cabin and raised crops. In 1804 he brought his family. Son, Thomas Lyford was the second child born in the county. Other settlers soon came in. A passable road was constructed through the Charleston area to Bangor. A road leading westward from Atkinson continued through Garland and Dexter. In 1810 there were 169 inhabitants of Atkinson and by the year 1820 there were 245. In 1818 the town's first doctor, Dr. E.W. Snow arrived.

Plantation #2 was incorporated into the Town of Atkinson in 1819. The first town meeting was held on March 26, 1819. The town received a gift of 100 books for a public library.

The population of Atkinson in 1870 was 810, and the valuation of the town was $234,271.