Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 28

5:00p - Mexican Dinner
Three Rivers Kiwanis Building
15 Harris Pond Road, Milo
Sick of cooking the "same ol same ol"?? Come on down and let these kids feed you while you help them raise money - win win!! (And you don't have to do the dishes) Hope to see you there!
How Much? By Donation
Why? PVHS Travelers / Spain2021
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Saturday, February 8

9:00a - Benefit Basketball Tournament
Bradford Community Center 345 East Road, Bradford
Trying to raise money so Cevonte can have the proper funeral that he deserves. Good opportunity to come out and have a little fun and see some friends you haven’t seen in awhile. Of course to help out Cevontes family as well.
4on4 full court(smaller court)
$75 a team.
First to 15 by 1s and 2s or 15 minute time limit. Double elimination
There will be a 50/50 raffle
If everyone could show up at 9 and we’ll establish a bracket, games will go quick.
Just message Joe Brown or I if you would like to put in a team.
Please share, trying to get 10-12 teams
Winners will receive trophies
Reminder: Play at your own risk!
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4:30p - Milo: Baked Bean Supper
American Legion Post #41
18 West Main Street, Milo
Adult $7.00
Children under 12 $3.50.

Come and enjoy good friends and good conversation.
Take out available.

Take out also available.
Dan Nutter - 207.943.6850 - DANIEL_NUTTER_63@MSN.COM

Sunday, February 9

4:00p - Benefit Dinner for Cevonte
Penquis Valley High School
48 Penquis Drive, Milo
All proceeds go towards funeral cost and a head stone. We are doing a spaghetti dinner. Things that have already been donated are rolls, salad, spaghetti, drinks, sauce and a few deserts ( in need of more if anyone is interested in donating). We will be selling ticket for multiple gift basket. There will also be a separate gun raffle contact Mike Witham Jr. Dinner is by DONATION. Thank all for your support.
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Saturday, February 29

4:00p - Jerry & Lori Anthony Benefit Night
Dining Room
Milo Town Hall
6 Pleasant Street, Milo
Jerry and Lori Anthony are 2 of the most kind, caring and giving people you will ever meet. They are always putting others first and giving in as many ways as possibly.
In June of 2017, Jerry fell while working in the yard, and he was unable to get up by himself. Doctors treated him after doing x-rays, and later CT Scans, by prescribing muscle relaxers, sending him to physical therapy sessions, and getting Jerry to first use a cane for stabilization, followed by a walker. Progressively, things continued to worsen, and by August, he was unable to even walk. It was decided a MRI of his spine was needed, and results indicated he had a mass on his spinal cord, causing him to not be able to move his legs. The good news was surgery to remove the tumor did make it possible for him to move his legs again and walk, but the bad news was the biopsy of the tumor determined he had Multiple Myeloma cancer.
They've faced many trials and climbed many hills during this time. Last week they returned to Jerry's specialist in Boston and found that things were not going as well has we all were praying for. His cancer levels are now HIGHER than they were when he was first diagnosed back in 2017.
As you can imagine, all this has taken a financial toll on Jerry and his wife, Lori Gail. It took them eight months of red tape to finally get disability approval and health insurance for him. In the mean time, the bills had been outrageous, costing them their life savings. Before his disability insurance was approved, Lori even gave up her own medications in order to be able to pay for his med's.
We love them both and want to help make life a tiny bit easier for them with this Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction. ~ *~ Please Join us Saturday February 29th to support and love them through this.
~*~*~ If you'd like to donate anything for the Silent Auction or for the Spaghetti Supper please contact Marcia Conlogue, Meghan Hill, Danny and Elbie Nutter or Mary Nutter.
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