The Brownville-Brownville Junction Historical Society is dedicated to the collection, preservation and presentation of the unique history of this area’s unique place in Maine’s History

Our Parish House Museum was built in 1839 as the Methodist Episcopal Church. It was located near the Crocker Quarry, but in 1850 it was moved on to logs and rolled to its present location at 72 Church Street.

For years it was the Fellowship Hall of the Brownville Community Church, a gathering place for the community. In 1996, the Brownville-Brownville Junction Historical Society purchased the building from the Church and is now home to thousands of artifacts of Brownville's history.

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Now Available:

 More Than a Train Yard and a Whistle Stop:

The Canadian Pacific Railway's Brownville Division 1886 to 1963

This new book about the history of the Canadian Pacific Railway in Brownville Junction is now available for sale!

Fewer than 20 copies signed by author, Kenneth Hatchette, are available! 

(More books have been ordered but will not be signed.)

180 copies sold in the first three weeks!

This document is a collection of memories, experiences, historical facts, stories, mysteries and an occasional legend. It includes a collection of photos that provides a small window into a place in time where the pulse of the town beat with the number of trains arriving and departing.

 Included in the book…

Timeline of events from 1886 to 1963, Employee Job Descriptions, This is the “How to Build a Railroad Town from Scratch” book, Women on the CPR? In Brownville Junction? They saved more than the day.

8” mounted railroad guns moving about. The potable water fiasco. Shops, roundhouses, turntables and ice houses. Push cars, motor cars, track inspection cars and velocipedes, stationary whistles, steam, condensate and cold iron, Auxiliary, MOW, mixed trains and cookie cars,

Firemen on the CPR? What did they really do? Why were Fred and Axel Carlson Section Foremen?

“The legend of The Buried Diamond Cross”, “Photos of the real Last Spike”, Gardeners and groundskeepers, “Missing Mike and Other Mischiefs”


How to get your copy?

Copies are available from Susan Worcester, 100 Williamsburg Rd., Williamsburg Twp., ME 04414; call her at 207-965-8070.

You can send a check for $33.38 ( $25 + $1.38 sales tax + $7 for shipping within the U.S.) to Susan at the address above. Make checks payable to B-BJ Historical Society.

You can also pick up a copy at Simple Sacks in Brownville or at the Monson Historical Museum in Monson.

Please contact Susan about purchases and shipping costs outside the United States.


All proceeds are for the benefit of the Brownville - Brownville Junction Historical Society and Parish House Museum, Inc. - A not for profit organization. (NFPO)