Director's Report 2004

August 2002 - March 2004

     Its been well over a year, so I figure it's about time I update everyone on our goings on here at TRC. Over the past year and half, we have sponsored two holiday lighting contests, covered two Schoodic Lake Ice Fishing Derbies, and are currently in the process of running an Ice-Out Contest.

     As of April 4, the newest version of TRC has been put online, which we have dubbed TRC 3.0. Over the past three weeks, we have worked hard to rebuild the entire site from scratch. This has not been fully done since the site was redesigned in 2002, and we desperately needed to do it. There was old code lying around from things that we weren't using anymore, and it was slowing down our pages. 

     You won't notice too many visual changes, as the majority of the changes were internal and structural. They will help our site to load faster to better serve you, and make it simpler for us to make site-wide changes. We have completely redesigned our logos with a new font and an updated look & feel to make the site look sharper. 

     One of the largest changes we made was to the Community Calendar. Previously, there had been two copies on the site: one for the calendar page, and a seperate copy on the home page. We have combined these into one, so only one file must be updated for calendar changes, saving us time, and reducint the amount of typos!

     We are already planning the next big steps for TRC, and they are well under way. The first new addition to the site will be an Alumni Section. Last year, we added a message board to the site which contains an Alumni area for classes to keep in touch. Now we are offering space on our site to the local Alumni Associations (MHS, BJHS & PVHS) to put announcements, information, and whatever else they want! We are hoping to create an online electronic directory for all alumni!

     The other big project is one where we've had the idea for quite some time: A Live Webcam in Milo. We're currently working out the details for how we can afford it, and where it would be located, as it needs a dedicated internet connection to run. We may have found a business that is willing to sponsor the camera's purchase and the location. Look for more news of this on our site in the weeks to come!

     That's all for my report this year (and a half). We've been really busy making our site better for you, the browser. We hope to start promoting ourselves more in the year to come. And the next report won't be a year and a half away!

Seth D. Barden
Director & Webmaster
Three Rivers Community Alliance
April 5th, 2004