Penquis Valley 62 at Schenck 53

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Let's stop

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Hunter pulls himself from Pleasant River after canoe mishap

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Remembering Amryl R. Smith of Lagrange

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In Loving Memory Of

June 26, 1938 - Nov. 30, 2008

Five years have brought many changes to our family, but nothing has changed how much you are loved and missed. Normie, Jeff and Deb, Doral and John, and grandchildren

Published in BDN Maine on Nov. 30, 2013

Milo Police Department

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Good evening, Milo.

For those of you crazy, I mean motivated people heading to Black Friday events, I wanted to give some safety advice that I came across a while ago:

 - Park in a well lit area and remember where you parked.

 - Don't go it alone- bring a friend or spouse (sorry guys, you need to take one for the team)

 - Don't carry your pocketbook. Carry cash or credit cards in your FRONT pocket - not the rear pocket where you carry your cell

 - Don't carry too much at once- it will distract you and keep you from remaining focused on your surroundings.

 - Put your packages in your trunk and consider moving your vehicle before you go back in. Thieves will observe before they act.

 - Have your keys out - if you have a remote, hold that. The panic button acts as a great deterrent if you are confronted. Keys are also a great defensive weapon. - If you are confronted, give the merchandise up - no property is worth bodily injury. Get a description for the police.

I am sure there are other tips, but common sense is your best tool.

Be alert to your surroundings and take the steps to not be a victim.

Good luck finding those deals - I'll be shopping online.

Hunters enjoying successful deer season, with registrations up around the state

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King Announces First Rotation of December Constituent Outreach Hours

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The two closest sites for TRC residents are:
Bangor City Hall, 73 Harlow Street, Bangor, on Wednesday, December 11th, 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.
Millinocket Town Office, 197 Penobscot Ave., Millinocket, on Friday, December 13th, 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Click on the pdf link for the statewide schedule.

Milo’s Hometown Holidays

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