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Parish House Museum Closes for the Year

The Brownville-Brownville Junction Historical Society's Parish House Museum is now closed for the year. The volunteers have been very busy this year. Many, many hours have been spend cataloguing new items brought in to the museum; there have been a number of requests for information about families or family members who lived in the area - some of those about people who would now be over 100 years old.

One of the biggest events was the viewing of over 30 minutes of never before seen video taken by members of the Michaud family. This took place at the Brownville Community Church Parish Hall as there were WAY too many guests to accommodate at the museum! Members of the Michaud family who made these videos available were in attendance that evening.

After a wait of nearly two years, volunteers from the Charleston Correctional Center's Community Restitution Program arrived with their supervisor, Rick Strout, to renovate the very old and nearly dysfunctional restroom at the museum in August. Travis McSorley completed the plumbing part of the job after the men put in new walls, ceiling, and flooring. The facility is now handicapped accessible.

At the final meeting of the year in September it was decided to change the number of meetings held each year from four to three. The annual meeting will remain in May, followed by a meeting in July and one in September. Meetings will continue to be held at the museum at 7pm to accommodate those who are not available during the day.

If you think that the volunteers have locked the doors and stopped work at the museum, you'd be wrong! Each one of the volunteers has gone home with a "winter project" to work on. We are working to make ALL of the materials we have at the museum accessible to everyone. We continue to move things around, organize documents and items to make them easier to find, and catalogue everything in the PastPerfect program. Lynn Weston will continue to update the group's Facebook page throughout the year as it continues to receive interest from those near and far.

The third and final newsletter for the year has been sent out to members. This issue included recipes from old cookbooks located in the museum and memories from people who once lived in Brownville. If you would like to become a member, send $5 to B-BJ Historical Society, PO Box 794, Brownville ME 04414. Dues paid now will take you through the end of 2020. For more information, email or call Susan at 965-8070.

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