BJHS Alumni Help "Turn on the Heat" for B-BJHS

At their annual business meeting on Friday, August 11th, the members of the Brownville Junction High School Alumni decided to make a donation to the Brownville-Brownville Junction Historical Society's fundraising efforts to install a heat pump in the Parish House Museum this year. The organization has been raising funds for about a year and the $1500 donation from the BJHS Alumni puts them in reach of their goal! Other donations have been coming from individuals throughout the year. Along with this effort, a 50-50 raffle was held during the Alumni Luncheon on Saturday to benefit the Historical Society's heat pump fund. The total amount raised from this was $157. The winner of the raffle was Peggy Witham of Brownville who donated her share of the total back to the Historical Society! Members of the Historical Society sends a loud THANK YOU to the Alumni for their amazing gift!

It's looking like the volunteers at the Church Street museum will be able to extend their "work year" this year as they continue to preserve memorabilia documenting the history of Brownville, Brownville Junction, Williamsburg Township, Ebeemee Township and Katahdin Iron Works. The museum is open on Tuesday and Thursday each week from 10am to 2pm. 

As part of this effort, many of the items documenting the history of Brownville Junction High School will, by next spring, be housed at the Parish House Museum. And, with the installation of the heat pump later this year, people who want to come in an reminisce can do so in relative comfort - even on a cool day.

For more information about the Historical Society, visit the Brownville Historical section of