Milo Police Department: Scam warning re: IRS

Good evening, Milo.
With tax day just around the corner, I wanted to post this reminder...The IRS will NOT call you and demand payment over the phone.
They won't call you and ask for your bank account or social security number either so they can deposit your refund.
They like paper trails so they'll send you a letter or 10. Please don't become a victim to predators. They will try and scare you by saying they will take your house or belongings. They will say wherever they can to get your info. Don't fall for it. Even if your caller ID says Washington DC, it's not the IRS. There are computer programs that can make phone numbers up to look official.
I've already received one call about this and I'd hate to see anyone scammed. It's hard to get money back once you've lost it in this way.
If you have any questions, please give us a call through the Sheriff's Office at 564-3304.
Have a great weekend.