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March 2014 Milo Library News

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Milo Free Public Library

News Article

by Rochelle Williams

March, 2014


Books for Sale!!

We are in the process of weeding books from our library in the adult fiction section.  There is a nice variety to choose from of authors and subjects (suspense, romance, mystery, etc.).  These books reside downstairs in a bookcase and also on tables with a comfy chair to sit and peruse what might interest you.  We have a small selection... Read More

February, 2014 New Article

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Milo Free Public Library News Article

by Rochelle Williams

February, 2014

Bangor Savings Bank Foundation has started its annual grant making initiative, Community Matters More.Through this charitable program, the bank offers all Maine residents the opportunity to weigh in on how best to allocate $100,000 it has pledged to 68 non-profit organizations.  The voting period takes place during the month of February, with winners announced in April.  The Milo Library will be a write in on the ballot.  You can either come into the library and... Read More

Milo Library News - November, 2013

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Milo Free Public Library

News Article

by Rochelle Williams

November 8, 2013


ATTENTION:  Beginning Wednesday, November 13, our library hours on Mondays and Wednesdays will change from 2 PM – 8 PM to 1 PM – 7 PM.  Fridays will remain the same (1 PM – 7 PM).  This is to better serve our patrons and our hours will be consistent through the week.

Our drawing class held on Thursdays from 9 – 11 AM is going well and also very fun.  We had a new person... Read More

Milo Library News - September 2013

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By Rochelle Williams
September 13, 2013

We have a new group using the Library.  It is a Drawing Class taught by Suzette East who also teaches drawing and painting at Adult Ed in Dover.  We had a great turn out for our first class.

They will be held every Thursday from 9 – 11 AM downstairs.  Suzette is very knowledgeable, encouraging and fun.  Whether or not you have drawn before – it does not matter.  All levels are welcome. You will learn a lot and have fun as well.  I am and I have never done... Read More

Milo Library News - August 2013

Submitted by Sethen on Thu, 08/15/2013 - 11:45pm
By Rochelle Williams

This year’s Summer Reading Program, Dig Into Reading, was a big success.

Thirty-five children were signed up which includes the Milo Day Care.  They participated consistently throughout the five weeks and almost all of them came to the Final Party.  Everyone had a good time.

A total of 669 books were read by the end of the program.  We had terrific support through volunteers and the Town of Milo.  Thank you everyone for your participation and help.

Our special book display this month is, of course, summer fiction... Read More