Villages of Piscataquis County

The Villages Tour is an audio driving tour of Piscataquis County highlighting the history and culture that makes that area of the state truly unique in Maine and the world. The tour route winds through 15 villages, covers approximately 134 miles and takes 4 hours if driven in one session. A beautiful color logo directs the traveler to the sites along the route, which are complemented with interpretive signage.

Pleasant River Walk

Brownville's Pleasant River Walk is a nature walk of nealry three miles connecting the Village and the Junction. Starting at the Playground in the Village or a Davis Recreational Field by the Green Bridge in Junction, the River Walk is a three to four foot wide trail, through woods and fields, parallel to the Pleasant River. The nature trail is carefully groomed – quite easy to walk, but not so much as to lose the feel of a walk in the deep woods.

Moses Greenleaf Monument

GREENLEAF, Moses, author, born in Newbury-port, Massachusetts, in 1778; died in Williamsburg, Maine, 20 March, 1834. Edward, his ancestor, settled in Newburyport in 1635, and Moses, his father, was a captain in the Revolutionary army.

He published "Statistical View of the District of Maine" (Boston, 1816), and "Survey of the State of Maine," with a map, the best made up to that time (Portland, 1829).

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